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~ Week 16 ~


This week I am really feeling pregnant I must say! Baby is now the size of an avocado, this means in length as all these fruit/veg references are definately more of a head to rump size comparison. I was weighed last week at my monthly OB appointment and am 3lbs heavier than my last visit, which doc said was good and right on track, but my am I feeling it now! I am so much slower at moving and walking up hills especially, and the breathlessness that comes with being pregnant sure doesn’t help.

The bones in babys ears are now forming and he/she will start to hear us speak or sing! I really want to get some ‘Belly Buds’ or a ‘Lullaband’ to wear and play music through my tummy.I have read great reviews but  Robins not convinced yet. He thinks it isn’t fair and torturous to force our taste in music on the little ‘un in case they end up being born hating The Beatles or The Shins or something awful like that.  (!)

Eyebrows. lashes and hair are also starting to fill in. I had a dream this week (Oh yes the crazy dreams and restless nights continue) that it was a boy and had a full head of hair which made me really happy! It’s not that I hold a great importance on hair but I  do love babies born with mops of hair. My own great-nephew Eli, had a mop of curls at birth and I was looking at old pictures of him (he’s three now)  so that probably influenced my graphic ”hairy” dream!

The decision of names is well underway too. I have a few favourites and turn to various sites online for inspiration but Robin has found a ‘cool’ app called Munchkin Names with 1000s of names to choose from which he is loving because you can add some to faves and share them. (!)  Under his encouragement I installed it too but it only annoys me, as a lot of the names are very American (sorry!) and by that I mean, completely made up and often nouns. Then going by culture categories, like when they  say Irish or Scottish for example, It really is just an everyday word plucked from the air and made into a name. Or a surname. With the spelling changed here and there.  I have to stop. It annoys me so much *deep breaths*  🙂 Anyway, I shall continue with my lists which are much better than any phone app if you ask me!

I am still not sure if I have felt baby move yet. I had a few nights when I was lying down in bed that I though I had that ‘quickening feeling’ but it may have just been wind. I won’t really be sure I think until it becomes more kick-like!

So all is well so far this trimester. Aches an pains are still there and now I can add my back to that list but I truly am enjoying being pregnant. I didn’t have any migraine this week -wahey! But hey,  I won’t speak too soon. Especially as now I have the ‘Munchkin App’ to ‘enjoy’ at my leisure.