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A Danbo Paddy’s day


'If you are lucky enough to be Irish, You are lucky enough'You're my cup of teaSt.Patrick got the snakes out of Ireland....Danbo gets the clover out of the garden!

A Danbo Paddy’s day, a set on Flickr.

Celebrating the day of green through Danbo! ‘If you are lucky enough to be Irish, You are lucky enough’

Lá Fhéile Pádraig shona daoibh! Happy Paddys Day everyone!

Via Flickr:
Proud to be Irish!


Creative beginnings


So the new year is well and truly underway but I think I will start to blog some of my own personal favourite Danbo creations linking directly from my Flickr stream.

Since I got my second and bigger Danboard at Christmas I am finding myself even more inspired with my Danbo creations this year.
Ideas just’come to me’ now and having two little cardboard robots is actually making it easier to create.
I was worried that wouldn’t be the case, and undecided for most of last year about getting a second Danboard but now, I am without a doubt glad I did. Thank you Santa ^_~

So this New Years scene creation was my first Danbo image of 2012. I handmade the tiny bunting one evening – I love anything arty so having the chance to use it in my photography is relaxing and fun for me. The other tiny props are dolls house accessories, apart from the tiny guitar which is actually a fridge magnet and the Japanese cat which is a mini Maneki Neko ornament for Good Luck.

So far so good with my photography this year. I am feeling good about my progress. In my abilities with the camera to using photoshop and honing my post-processing skills.
For me, Danbo photography inspires me in all the other areas of photography. It keeps me imagining and thinking creatively constantly and that to me is what every artist needs. It brings me joy to know my images can bring a smile and even inspire others.

Via Flickr:
Happy New Year from us to you! May all your dreams and wishes come true in 2012 xoxoxo

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HeeHaw! That’s donkey talk for ‘ Please help!’


The day we got engaged

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Adopt a donkey or/and make a donation!

Just a nice short & sweet post to draw some attention to the wonderful work that the lovely people of ‘The Donkey Sanctuary’ in the UK & Ireland do every single day for donkeys.
Each month more and more donkeys are being relinquished into their care and in this time of financial difficulty for so many they too are feeling the pinch.

For only £16 / €20 you can adopt a donkey for a whole year – this makes a truly lovely gift for yourself or for someone you love. I actually did this as my Mums, ‘Mother’s day’ gift last year and intend to renew it for her again this year. She loved it! And the lovely folder you receive comes with a certificate and an A4 sketch of your adopted donkey, and after six months you receive an update of how your donkey is doing. It really is great!
I myself have adopted Busby, from the Sidmouth sanctuary in Devon (this is where my husband and I spent the day, the day we got engaged in 2009) who is an absolute dote and if I had the chance I would steal him and smuggle him all the way back to California if I could. Adoptions in the UK go through ‘The Elizabeth Svendsen Trust’ which is again another non-profit organisation for children and donkeys, dedicated to providing riding therapy with donkeys to children with special needs and disabilities – It’s SO great. For Ireland via their page you can download a PDF document or just give them a call on +353 (0) 22 48398 to arrange your adoption.

Have a look for yourselves at the below links, add them on Facebook etc – there is even a ‘Donkey Watch’ camera link where you can see all the donkeys LIVE !
But most importantly, please help if you can. Even a small donation goes a long way and you can do this from pretty much anywhere in the world – remember the pennies make the pounds (cents make the euros!) and show some LOVE for these beautiful amazing creatures.

(If the screen is black it’s because it’s dark!)