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First things first…


An introduction of sorts.

I decided to start a blog for all things creative & cool in my world  – a fun way to keep track of my own creations, inspirations and ramblings but also share them with the world at the same time.

A sort of ”diary” in a sense, which in the past I have never been successful at – not without effort mind. I think I tried the ‘Dear Kitty’ approach  on numerous occasions , probably after reading ‘Anne Franks diary’ at the age of 10, but my (scented)  journal always seemed so bland and boring compared to those that I read of in books, so it always began to dwindle after a month or so. In retrospect, it is probably a good thing.

I mean do I really want to know every single thing that my 10 /11/12 year old self was thinking or did every single day?! . ..(!)

Thank goodness I am blessed with the memory of an elephant so the important stuff is still in there. Knock on wood.

So without rambling too much in my first ever post, I hereby declare my blog officially open!  Welcome & I hope whomever stumbles upon it enjoys it.