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~ Week 19 ~



This week was our Ultrasound week!! We had it yesterday and we didn’t get the 4D one done as I had hoped, mainly due to baby being camera shy covering it’s face with those little hands and lying in a position that just wouldn’t give a good view. I thought I would be more disappointed, but we were there ages as a trainee OB had a practise doing the scan after our ‘real one’ was finished, and just seeing our baby on the screen for nearly an hour was enough! We even got a little finger wave and saw an arm move ^_^


Everything is right on track with babys growth and he/she has all the right number of fingers, toes and thumbs! It’s a good feeling to hear everything is okay. I am gaining weight at approx 1lb per week and my uterus is now at my belly button – all good things I’m reassured!  And we didn’t find out what we are having -yay!  I’m really very happy that it is going to be a surprise and I think it will motivate me more during labour. Here’s hoping!

I am seriously enjoying being pregnant. I have no complaints and I hope it continues – I did get my first leg cramp at 5.30am on Wednesday which woke me up thus waking Lucky and Sox up for an early breakfast! =^..^=   bu that’s the only downer so far. I still have no cravings or an increase in appetite either but I have to have my daily dose of strawberries, blueberries and blackberries with greek yoghurt or I don’t feel right. I am drinking a lot more milk too for the extra protein (v. important being a veggie!) and calcium.

During the Ultrasound I found out I have anterior placenta which explains why I haven’t been able to feel too much movement just yet! I find doing the deep breathing exercises from yoga lets me feel the odd jab but nothing major just yet. Everyone says once you start to feel those kicks it never stops so I may aswell enjoy the ‘quiet time’

That’s the face right there of our little skeletor! 🙂




two little feet!!




& Bump progress!