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Danbo Love


Danbo in a ‘love’ shower of hearts.

I shot this when my best friend in Italy got married last September and I couldn’t go as I live in California
.I used real confetti and Danbo is holding a ‘real’ umbrella. Then then using one hand to work the camera I threw confetti with the other!
It took many attempts. The perfectionist in me is always striving to be better . So I kept throwing, picking it all up and shooting over and over.
I nearly wasn’t happy with any of shots and then as it turned out once I looked at them on my laptop this was one of the first three shots and the best one.

I want to start to archive some of my best and past Danbo photographs here on my blog along with some new one and this image is my most popular one according to Flickrs ‘Interestingness’.

*EXPLORED September16th2011 #112*

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my little photography muse – mini Danbo!
I thought I should blog about my wee robot pal and introduce him to the rest of you.

The name ‘Danbo’ or ‘Danboard’ for those not familiar with him is from the Japanese word ‘danboru’ which means corrugated cardboard.   ( ダンボー )  As he is indeed a little ‘cardboard’ box robot!

Danbo was commissioned by Amazon Japan through Revoltech – from Azuma Kiyohiko the creator of the manga character Yotsuba-chan, from the comic of the same name ‘Yotsuba&!’. I first came across him in 2008 through Flickr (there were only a few Danbo fanatics back then), fell in love and had to have one. I think I have a penchant for Japanese toys & collectibiles (Blythe, Danbo, Sanrio,Monchhichi…yep I see a pattern too)

Danbo has become my favourite inanimate object to photograph.
I have to keep thinking of new ideas and adventures for him to have, thus keeping the creative juices flowing. Imagination is key, but he is so very very cute and lovable so it is rather easy. Part of the challenge is working with his one blank expression and how it can be transformed into something more. I tend to use props & objects I already have at home in each scene to ‘bring Danbo to life’.

I keep referring to my Danbo as a ‘he” because for me, he is a boy.
Don’t ask me how I know this, he just is. ☺

Shooting Danbo (as he is plastic) means I am learning more about natural light too and how to use it better in my photographs.
Plus it’s a whole lot of fun!

Pearl  +  Danbo   4eva