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~ Week 28 ~


This week marked the beginning of my third trimester!! I have now entered the ‘home stretch’ of pregnancy YAY! I really feel like the countdown has begun and the next 12 weeks are going to fly by..

All my reading sources say baby is just getting bigger and smarter from now until birth, aswell as developing more fat to smooth out that wrinkly skin and now sleep includes REM which means he/she could be dreaming already. Whatever about is hard to imagine!

This week I felt pretty good again apart from feeling tired and needing the odd power nap, I was able to do all my regular activities without any niggling pains or twinges which was a relief. I had my monthly OB checkup and everything checked out okay. Baby seems to be average in size (judging by my tummies measurement!) and my weight gain is steadly on the up and up. This month I gained 4lbs, most of which I think happened in those two weeks where I wasn’t as active as normal due to round ligament pain.  It definately was a growth spurt time and doc tells me I should just expect it to come and go.

Project Nursery is still a work in progress. I think hitting the third trimester milestone has made me think about it again.  At the moment we are on the lookout for a bassinet that will fit in our bedroom for those first few weeks / months and which buggy (or stroller as they call them here in the US) system to choose.

I am very blessed to have received lots of super cute baby hand-me-downs this week too ( babygrows, toys and blankets etc) from my sister. It’s so exciting once the baby clothes  start to make their way into the house. I am exerting self control on spending in that area mind, as babies gender is  a surprise  I don’t want to end up with a ton of neutral colours! My Mum has knit us a mini Aran cardigain too (the first one!)  which I am thrilled about. Being an Aran Islander herself she is very very good at them and making them in such a tiny size is really something! I have watched her over the years make them for my nieces and nephews and great-nephew even when each of them were born so to be on the receiving end feels very special.  Once she sends it to me I will post pics! ^_^

Next month Robin and I have our Childbirth Preparation Class which should be  interesting. We decided on a one day ”intensive” class rather than to spread it out over a few evenings and weeks. I wonder how ”intensive” and  should they show us any labour and birthing videos hopefully  it won’t be anything too gory…for his sake ! ^_^

the arty bump shot

Bump Progress Week 28!

~ Week 27 ~


This week marks the end of my second trimester and baby is, in the fruit n’ veg world, the size of a turnip! {Mmm turnip!}

Baby officially has brain activity, sleeping at regular intervals and even opening  and closing his/her eyes. Hiccups  are now a regular thing too, which I’ve realised are those rhythmic movements close together. Super cute to imagin  –  night time is still the prime time for kicks and wiggles but I do feel those movements during the day too and I even see my bump move at times. Baby is definately getting stronger every week! We might have a future Riverdancer on our hands ^_^  Next week I will start to make note of babies movements and how often it happens which is recommened up until birth.

All that round ligament pain from last week has eased drastically and I could walk about and up and down those hills like normal again. Yeah! Though I am more aware now of feeling stretched and sore , so I am taking it easier and not pushing myself too hard.

The the new thing with me now is stretching my entire body during the night in my sleep which makes my right leg cramp up, which in turn wakes me up – FAIL!   All my reading sources say leg cramps are pretty common around this time due to the extra weight I am carrying so that probably explains it, but it’s funny that I seem to be triggering them for myself.  I think I will have to start stretching before bedtime and see it that helps.  Oh and nose bleeds. I never get nose bleeds but again that’s another pregnancy trigger.

All in all week 27 has been a good one and without too much discomfort which in pregnancy is always a good thing!

~ Week 26 ~



Week 26 and baby is the size of a head of lettuce! In terms of development a few significant things have taken place. His/her  previously sealed eyelids are beginning to open and start to blink, eyelashes are now grown too. The eye colour is becoming more apparant and retinas are forming aswell! Though that eye colour baby is born with won’t be permanent until approx 6 months old.

Babys spine is getting stronger as he/ she grows and is now the span of an adults hand and those little lungs are really starting to develop as baby takes in amniotic fluid in small breaths! And little one can not only hear sounds but respond to them in movements or increase in pulse rate as brain-wave activity is really kicking in.

This past week hasn’t been the brightest for me compared to previous ones and I have experienced a lot of round ligament pain and pelvic pain but hey that’s pregnancy and it can’t be all plain sailing.  As I am used to walking a lot (not being a driver ) getting these sharp stretching pains has been kind of restricting especially  walking uphill or at a brisk pace but when your body tells you to take it easy you have to listen and have a lot of Epsom Salt baths, a hot water bottle and plenty of tea   ^_^  On the good side,  babys movements are getting stronger and Robin has been able to feel a few good kicks now too which I think makes it all more real for him.


Here’s hoping the next week will be less stretchy!


{ I asked Robin did I look fat in this picture and he said lovingly ‘No hun, you look like a ‘fat fairy princess’  ^_^ Good job I haven’t lost my sense of humour eh! }



~ Week 21 ~


This week according to my reading sources baby is starting to gulp down amniotic fluid which is not only hydration and nutrition but practise for swallowing and digesting.  They say (those scientist folk I presume) that after birth babies are more interested in tastes they have already experienced in the womb! I take this to be a good sign as I do eat a lot of fruit,veggies and dairy but it sure does make you think that what you eat can influence your child already! Which reminds me that I still don’t have any cravings yet. But I do miss Brie cheese, and I really look forward to having that again…nomnom!! Maybe Santa will bring me a big chunk of it ^_^

Project nursery is now underway and our crib/cot is assembled and looks beautiful! I adore the Jenny Lind . It really is a timeless crib and the spindle bars are so old fashioned which I love. We were very lucky to find it online with Diapers.com not just for the best price out there but in the Honey Oak colour too. Robin had it put together in half an hour! It was very straight forward and it’s also on wheels and light to move around the room if necessary – more bonus points for the Jenny Lind!  I will do a little shoot of it  this week to post on here.

This week I have most definately started to feel movement  (yay!)  It’s still mostly if I wake during the night  or during certain stretches and deep breathing in yoga! Soxy walked across me in bed one night, and that woke me and baby up as I couldn’t go back to sleep straight away with all the ‘wiggling’ sensations inside.

I can’t wait for it to get stronger now, so Robin can feel it too.  He keeps saying ‘are you sure it’s not wind?’   Nice eh!  In a word…NO!

Bump Progress!

~ Week 20 ~



20 Weeks down only 20 more to go! This week marked the halfway point of pregnancy! I am starting to feel like time is really flying by now and there is just so much to do. The nesting mode has well and truly kicked in. It may seem confusing moving from the comparison of last weeks mango  to this weeks banana but after reading a bit more on babys growth progress it makes sense. Starting this week we begin to measure from head to toe and not head to rump anymore

This week we ordered our crib (yay!) and we will be putting that together over the weekend – very exciting. I knew as soon as I researched nurserys  which one I wanted and hopefully next week I will have a picture update on what it looks like ^_^  I ordered the matching changing table  but it ended up being unavailable from the site I used (Diapers.com) so I must source it from somewhere else. Hopefully that won’t be too hard!

Slowly I think we are getting all the important stuff though and many have been really good thrifty purchases, which is a good thing in light of how much one has to buy for such a teensy wee being!  I have started looking at baby clothes this week also (who could resist!?)  but mostly only white stuff as it has to be gender neutral afterall.

Most websites on pregnancy, say baby is now the size of a cantaloupe this week so that’s the fruit I am sticking with for our ‘size visual’. Health wise I am still feeling groovy. The textbook symptoms are heartburn/indigestion and I have felt that a couple of times but nothing too bad  and no surprise leg cramps during the night either – phew! Prenatal yoga is going well I really hope to stick with it after the birth as I love the place (Yoga Tree SF) and the teachers are really amazing. Many are trained doulas so they really know how to get you stretching and breathing in ways that will help with labour and birth come the time. I hope that I can remember it once the sheer agony kicks in *smile*

This week also,  I nearly bought myself and pregnancy pillow to help with sleeping on my side all the time now, and spent a few hours one evening online researching them like mighty, I read  positive review after  positive review etc, but I just could not justify spending nearly $60 on a pillow, so I dug out one of our spares and that seems to be doing the trick for the hip discomfort and bump support.

All in all it’s been a quiet week.  I printed off all my bump shots thus far to send to my Mum so she could  see how I am progressing which she loved. It’s very emotional for both of us, as I probably won’t be home during my pregnancy and she won’t actually get to see me pregnant which is very strange to think but I try not to dwell on it too much or I’ll be sad.  I just look forward to being able to go home with baby and showing him/her off to all our family and friends  ^_^  AND I try not to think about the flying part for that one (!)

Bump Update!

Bump && Chuck !

~ Week 19 ~



This week was our Ultrasound week!! We had it yesterday and we didn’t get the 4D one done as I had hoped, mainly due to baby being camera shy covering it’s face with those little hands and lying in a position that just wouldn’t give a good view. I thought I would be more disappointed, but we were there ages as a trainee OB had a practise doing the scan after our ‘real one’ was finished, and just seeing our baby on the screen for nearly an hour was enough! We even got a little finger wave and saw an arm move ^_^


Everything is right on track with babys growth and he/she has all the right number of fingers, toes and thumbs! It’s a good feeling to hear everything is okay. I am gaining weight at approx 1lb per week and my uterus is now at my belly button – all good things I’m reassured!  And we didn’t find out what we are having -yay!  I’m really very happy that it is going to be a surprise and I think it will motivate me more during labour. Here’s hoping!

I am seriously enjoying being pregnant. I have no complaints and I hope it continues – I did get my first leg cramp at 5.30am on Wednesday which woke me up thus waking Lucky and Sox up for an early breakfast! =^..^=   bu that’s the only downer so far. I still have no cravings or an increase in appetite either but I have to have my daily dose of strawberries, blueberries and blackberries with greek yoghurt or I don’t feel right. I am drinking a lot more milk too for the extra protein (v. important being a veggie!) and calcium.

During the Ultrasound I found out I have anterior placenta which explains why I haven’t been able to feel too much movement just yet! I find doing the deep breathing exercises from yoga lets me feel the odd jab but nothing major just yet. Everyone says once you start to feel those kicks it never stops so I may aswell enjoy the ‘quiet time’

That’s the face right there of our little skeletor! 🙂




two little feet!!




& Bump progress!


~ Week 18 ~


I must say this past week  has been a good one.  My energy levels are up and I am getting more active again.

I started Prenatal Yoga this week with a fellow pregnant friend and it was a really positive experience for both of us.  In doing it, I realised I am not at all flexible and my joints have stiffened up a lot since being pregnant so as a result I felt a bit restricted with some- okay most of the moves but I shall not let that put me off.  One woman who was directly across from me in the class , and about 38 or 39 weeks preggers (yup literally ready to pop) was bending and stretching without any bother – except for the odd move where her  belly got in the way a bit, but our instructor soon sorted that out by manouvering her leg  for her and bam she was back (!) It gave me hope ( and envy).  I know I won’t achieve that kind of body in just a few weeks or months even,  but it encouraged me to think of all the positive things that prenatal yoga will have on my body in preparation for birth and hopefully afterwards too. I think I may have felt my first ”real” movement from baby too whilst doing the deep breathing excercises during meditation! I only happened the once but it was definately different from anything else I have felt before and also definately not wind! ^_^ yay!

But just the experience of being with other pregnant women too is a really positive one and not the first one I had this week either, as I attented a Meetup for expecting Mothers in SF Bay area. That was a less strenuous one, that involved tea and dessert and an hour or two of just chatting about all things pregnancy and babies and that too was very rewarding as it’s nice to share your experiences with other women who are experiencing it too, right now in time! It’s like we are all part of this super cool and elite club 🙂

A week from today is our Ultrasound – the big one! I am so excited. I really can’t wait to see our baby again on the monitor, hear the heartbeat and hopefully get a 4D scan. I had one weird dream relating to that, where the nurse person let slip what the babys gender is and I was really upset. Like really really upset. I hope that doesn’t happen.

It’s always a boy in my dreams too. Not that, that means anything other than the fact that I am still having crazy pregnancy dreams! Oh and I still want it to be a surprise, so no changes there either!

Apart from all the exercise, with walking and yoga (did I mention I walked 4 & 1/2 miles today around Lake Merced?) the week went by pretty quickly.  I’m continuing to be super healthy (no cravings or major hunger pangs just yet!) and I can definately see the difference in my bump too between last weeks bump shot to this weeks – Can you?!

It’s the whole point of doing these selfie shots eh!






~ Week 17 ~


Week 17 and not much has changed since last week  physically.  The migraines have more or less eased (for now!) but round ligament pain and backaches which tend to strike in the evening are bearable, but annoying at the best of times.   No one tells you all this about pregnancy! So many body changes, pains,twinges,and not to mention the emotional changes too. I have to avoid anything too sad (anything to do with animals is my trigger) or I end up sobbing until the I run out of tears!

Still not sure I am feeling baby movements yet. I am impatient to feel it! It’s exciting and I am really looking forward to  my next ultrasound and seeing baby on the screen again. I don’t think my bump is any bigger, not noticibley anyway  but all the info sites say baby is now the size of an onion and just like me is gaining more and more body fat. He/She can hear loud noises now too which is cool and makes me even more eager to get those Belly Buds! ^_^

I am impatient to start the spare room which will be the nursery.  Apparantly this is all very ‘normal’ in the second trimester as my nesting instincts have kicked in and with my new found energy I’m eager to prepare for the new arrival. I think that is all true! There really is so much to get for such  a wee person! And I would like to have as much done while I feel great!  I have been scouring Craigslist for the odd bargain and mainly for practical items I know are must-haves in the beginning. My first purchases were successfully bought off of there this week, a Boppy pillow, like new for $15 and a Fisher Price Whale Bathtub (which got the best reviews online for babies)  also in top condition for only $10. Finding sweet deals like that makes me happy.

We also had our tour of the hospital today! It was fun to see the delivery room and learn how it all works when you arrive and where to go etc.. My main concern was where my kettle is going to go for all the tea I will need and I was so glad to know there is a little fridge in the room for the milk too *smile* priorities eh! Robin was disappointed there were no Dads-to-be pacing the corridors or screaming babies to be heard. We must have come on a quiet day!

But it really does seem like a good place, the nurses are lovely, the atmosphere was very relaxed and the views of San Francisco are rather smashing!

Not that I will be paying much attention once the time comes eh!


A bun in the oven : Week 12


I am now in my 12th week so we can finally share our happy news with everyone!  {I did the test in week 5}

Baby Sayers estimated due date is December 15th 2012, which will make Christmas extra special this year.

I am going to try and update my blog weekly on my pregnancy and baby’s progress. And starting from next week do self portraits of me and my bump.

Well so far so good! I am feeling good these first few weeks with only a tiny bit of nausea which struck me in the evening time and was soon rectified with a smaller main meal and a lot more grazing throughout the day. I don’t drink much caffeine normally only in the form of tea but I seem to only enjoy it in the early part of the day now and not my normal all day long ritual. So water and juice it is at the moment.

My biggest problems so far have been migraines which are really testing as I can’t take my regular meds or ibuprofen as these are a no-no in pregnancy, but as a migraine sufferer I sort of expected it with all those pesky hormones. Oh yeah and my hayfever / sinus problems are in overdrive too as high levels of oestrogen increase sinus problems so nasal congestion is another ‘norm’ during pregnancy too. Luckily I have my trusty Neti Pot, and my doc prescribed me a good nasal spray called Rhinocort that’s super safe to use too.

As expected I’ve had most of my energy sucked out of me the past few weeks and most days need a power nap just to make it through the day. The hills here in SF are really challenging me at the moment but I believe from next week onwards I should start to have more stamina again and begin to look fabulous with it, so I am looking forward to all the ‘glowing’ and ‘blooming’ compliments I have heard so much about. ^_~

By week 12 baby is now the size of a large lime or a plum. ^_^  and I have gained 3lbs since my first weigh in back in week 7!

This is probably due to my lack of morning sickness either that or I will be the size of a elephant by Winter!  *boom boom*

I heard the heartbeat for the first time last week and we also had our NT (Nuchal Translucency) Ultrasound which along with a blood test in the first tri-mester checks for signs of Downs Syndrome  as well as congenital heart defects.

Thankfully we had a positive result and baby looks healthy with all the right amount of limbs and organs.  And finally seeing our baby on the screen , moving around and seeing the tiny heart beating made it all so exciting and real. In just a few months we will be a family of three!  (well five including Lucky and Sox our furry babies)