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~ Week 39 ~


Week 39 Watermelon!!

Hallelujah! We have a watermelon! Week 39 and baby is now about 6 1/2 – 8 lbs in weight and probably won’t get any bigger than he/she is now but that little brain is still developing rapidly. It’s a bit surreal to think we are nearly there!

I have read that there is a decrease in fetal activity now due to the lack of space in there, but  I must say baby is still pretty strong with the kicks, jabs and wiggles and everytime I stop moving around and sit down (even on public transport) those antics start up again. Baby still hasn’t ‘dropped’ yet and with tomorrow being D-day (December 15th) and no Braxton Hicks at the moment I don’t think baby will be making an appearance just yet. Not that you can tell these things….but I think I feel too good to be about to go into labour!

So if there is no show over the weekend,  it’s off to the hospital Monday morning for anti-natal testing to check everything is still okay with baby and if there is still no sign by the 23rd (Robins birthday!)  then an induction it will be.

I really don’t think I will have to wait that long (here’s hoping) but I am happy to hang on as I am still enjoying being pregnant even with these full term aches and pains and swelling and getting fatter by the week! ^_^ Speaking of getting fatter (I’m 195lbs now!)  It’s interesting how people like to share their own opinions- even strangers – on ones size during pregnancy! Now I am carrying a full term baby,  I am ”SO big” (the cheek!) and sometimes it is the opposite and Im told it’s very neat.. (I really think I’m just average – afterall I am only 5ft 3inches tall and ready to give birth!)   If it were any other situation though, those kind of remarks would be just plain rude…SIGH … why is it okay in pregnancy for people to get over familiar and opinianted…perhaps I should start to have a smart answer like ‘Not as big as your arse or nose’. Then blame the auld pregnancy hormones *wink!* The other thing that is becoming a tad testing,  is this being able to tell from the shape of your bump etc. Every single culture seems to have their own theory and each one contradicts another yet they all are right (!)  It’s very simple. You can’t tell! The odds of the guessing is 50/50 so you have a pretty high chance of guessing it right. But it really is just that! A guess!!

Anyway, we will see soon enough if baby is big ‘un and a boy or girl! (SO exciting!!!)

But judging on how I feel right now,I will leave it up to baby to ‘decide’ when to arrive they say only baby knows when it’s ready to be born!


Bump Progress!

Week 39 the size of a watermelon




~ Week 36 ~




Week 36 has flown by and without too many changes from the last, with the exception that now baby has officially reached full term and me the 9th month of pregnancy.  These last weeks are not really about me anymore but all about getting those last vital bits n’ pieces together for babys arrival!  I am trying to take everyones advise and rest as much as possible, but I find it hard to stop some days and do just that when there is still so much to do.. Now that the nursery is finally coming together I think I might be able to relax a bit more about it all. *sigh*

Physically I am doing well, apart from Oedema  which has been my only major pregnancy complaint (My Mum tells me, she had this too in all her pregnancies)  and also pelvic pressure which is really a good sign for baby, but an absolute b**ch to deal with daily for me.  But I will keep waddling on for the next 21 days! Emotionally we are so excited now and I am trying not to dwell on labour and pain too much.

Bring on the pain relief is all I can say!



Bump Progress from Week 36!






~ Week 33 ~


Week 33 baby reached the size of a Durian fruit. I know what the hell is a Durian?!

Okay so that’s that sorted.  During week 33 babys bones were hardening more ( except the skull) and he/she was undergoing major brain development. I am so aware of how cramped it has gotten in there too some days the position can be very uncomfortable for me for a good few hours with my ribs being squashed and kicked! I can see my entire bump moving as well as feeling it now too, It’s not so obvious that Robin finally got to enjoy that one too! Very ‘Alien-like’  indeed.

Overall I still feel good, but now my feet are so swollen that nearly all my shoes except my flip flops and Jesus sandals, don’t fit me right now. It’s annoying and uncomfortable and kinda gross. I miss my ankles but I know it’s not a permanent thing so I shouldn’t moan too much. From reading up on Edema (swelling during pregnancy) I shouldn’t stand when I can sit or sit if I can lie down.. I need to follow this advice more..and have more  Espsom Salt soaks!

The crazy pregnancy dreams are back again but this could be down to having a lot on my mind with my never ending list of things to get for baby. We aren’t doing too bad but I would like to have all the basic necessities stocked up on soon just for my peace of mind. Though it’s not just an over active brain that’s disrupting my sleep but bump too. As much as I love being pregnant I am thoroughly looking forward to sleeping on my stomach and back again…comfortably ^_^

Bump Progress (Another crappy pic as Canon is off being repaired!)

~ Week 32 ~


By 32 weeks it really seems not long now until we get to meet baby! All my reading information tells me that baby should have turned into the head-down position and ready for the descent! As he/she is bigger each week I can feel how cramped movements are and now I am getting kicked in the ribs too. Braxton Hicks I have felt a few times this past week, but nothing painful – phew! Only a tightening sensation that starts at the top of my bump and spreads outwards. Another indication that D-Day is nigh!  The list of things to get for baby is still long but getting a little shorter each week. Still not enough to ward off those crazy pregnancy dreams which are back again. People tell you to get as much sleep before baby comes – which I get! I do!

BUT! It is hard , when lying in bed isn’t as comfy as it used to be cos baby bumpo is in the way  or your dreams are so weird it wakes you up! sigh…

Today we had our ‘Intensive Prenatal Class’ through UCSF (the hospital I will deliver at)  which was very informative and the teacher was very quirky and fun. I knew we would have to watch a few DVDS on labour and birth  and C-sections but luckily it wasn’t anything too graphic or gruesome (for Robins sake!) I think I have seen (and learnt) more in that way, from watching ‘One Born Every Minute’ on telly!

If we learnt anything from yesterday is that anything can happen – when we turned up for the class, which was near where we live, the building it was meant to take place in was locked so we had to move to another location downtown! This delayed the day by 90minutes and parking was then an absolute nightmare and the car park we went to had a broken payment machine so  then we couldn’t pay which left us at risk of being towed,  Robin decided then it best to move it and just drive around and find street parking which ended up in finding a spot eventually not to far from the class but also a flat tyre (!)  Yep. Anything can happen.  And we will remember that for D-Day!

Bump progress

~ Week 29 ~


This week has been another good one! It passed pretty quickly and painlessly again. We experienced a three day heat wave here in the SF Bay area which was a bit tough going and * drum roll!*  I now have cankles – yay (!)?  But the cooling soothing fog soon returned and I was much happier for it. Apparantly Edema (swollen ankles)  are a typical week 29 symptom..It really is amazing how right on cue various body changes just kick in during pregnancy.

Baby is definately bigger. I can feel movements so much more frequently, stronger and even a crawling sensation right under the skin…which can sound a tad creepy and Sigourney Weaver in Alien-like like but it is cool and you do get used to it pretty fast.  It is now something that I find reassuring as it means baby is okay – alive and kicking! My stomach is really feeling squashed now so smaller portions it is when it comes to food and

All the reading sources say that baby’s weight  is still on the increase and will gain approx 4 lbs between now and birth – let the stretching commence! I keep expecting stretch marks to happen each week that passes, but so far I have been lucky, although I hear they can happen the very last week  which I guess is a major bummer but I am applying my Mederma or Palmers at least once a day so I shall see how much of the miraculous claims are true and whether I will be lucky with the no-stretch mark fairy! From this week onwards also, babys skeleton hardens even more and the brain, muscles, and lungs continue to mature, the pupils of the eyes respond to light more and allows baby to focus more readily and even see dim shapes! O_O

Last weekend we got to attend a maternity fair at Fort Mason which was great for information about different breast feeding resources to prams (strollers). We were happy to see in real life a Bumbleride stroller which is a brand we are definately interested in and I ordered my maternity hospital gown from a cool company called Labor Looks  which is run by a labour nurse and midwife. The idea is to have something pretty but practical to wear for labour and birth {and those first photos, even if you look like shite from exhaution } They are fully functional in the way a hospital gown should be but with an easy snap down sleeve for breastfeeding and skin to skin contact with baby – and this is a feature I liked particularily- they close up the side with velcro so should I need to walk around I won’t be flashing my bottom at everyone!  Nice.

I picked one of the newer designs that are not on the site just yet in a turquoise and deep purple colour. Once it is shipped to me I will take photos and post them here.



This weeks bump progress!

~ Week 24 ~


Week 24 has been one of sleepiness and aches – I guess that that’s something I will need to get used to! ! I think my bump has expanded a little bit more as painting my toenails is now a pain in the arse  and not very well done either, in fact bending down in general  involves a lot of huffing and puffing,that and I am experiencing round ligament pain again…sigh! Apart from these complaints it’s been a good week I will try not to be too much of a Moaning Michael!

Baby is kicking with gusto and even hiccuping now! Robin was actually able to feel it at least twice this week too  – at last!!  Which shows how much stronger and more frequent it is. And he no longer thinks it’s just wind. I have even seen my tummy move from those stronger kicks which is actually really cool.

The fruit n’ veg references for size got a wee bit confuddled,  but I think I have them back on track now as I would like to continue to do one each week ^_^

All my reading material tells me baby is now, how he/she will look at birth but in miniature form, and from this week onwards much of my weight gain goes towards helping baby fill out.  I had my monthly OB GYN visit and the usual weigh in ( 2 lbs more since last time! woot!) and heard the heartbeat. The doppler picked it up almost instantly which is great as in those earlier weeks it takes a few minutes to detect. Goes to show just how fast baby is growing really!

This week was also Glucose Screening test time (This is for Gestational Diabetes) where they give you a sugary fruit punch drink (nasty stuff!) and exactlly one hour later draw blood. It took three attempts to find a vein but in the end managed to get a good one in my my forearm which was a first for me and actually not sore at all. I am used to blood being taken every monthly visit (usually from the wrist!)  as they keep a close eye on my thyroid levels during pregnancy just in case my thyroid meds need increasing. So far so good though! It was a day of needles as I received two vaccines while I was there. The Flu jab and one called a T-DAP {Tetanus-Diphtheria-Pertussis} and as warned my arm is pretty sore so left side sleeping is off until that’s better.

I was reassured not to worry about waking up on my back though as I’m not exactlly flat out in bed with two pillows! So hopefully when I do wake up now during the night on my back, I can stop stressing a little and actually go back to sleep! I just have my achey arm to deal with and then hopefully get some proper zeds again! zzzz

Still no sign of stretch marks as of yet,  although this it the time for them to make an appearance and also that darkish line that runs down the middle of your stomach {Linea Nigra} appears too. I think I can kind of see one appearing. Maybe being milk bottle white means it doesn’t show as much..we shall see! Anyway I am prepared, or as much as I can be and have my Mederma and Palmers creams on hand! I know nothing really stops stretch marks as it’s down to genetics in the end,  but I can try and perhaps minimise them. Here’s hoping eh!

This also seems to be a time for complete strangers taking guesses at whether I’m having a boy or a girl!  I guess the odds are rather good for all of them. As long as they don’t try and rub my tummy I’m okay with guessing and Old Wives tales. Otherwise I will have to invest in one of those ‘Hands off the Bump!’ tees.

I’m not a Wish granting Buddha you know! ^_~


~ Week 20 ~



20 Weeks down only 20 more to go! This week marked the halfway point of pregnancy! I am starting to feel like time is really flying by now and there is just so much to do. The nesting mode has well and truly kicked in. It may seem confusing moving from the comparison of last weeks mango  to this weeks banana but after reading a bit more on babys growth progress it makes sense. Starting this week we begin to measure from head to toe and not head to rump anymore

This week we ordered our crib (yay!) and we will be putting that together over the weekend – very exciting. I knew as soon as I researched nurserys  which one I wanted and hopefully next week I will have a picture update on what it looks like ^_^  I ordered the matching changing table  but it ended up being unavailable from the site I used ( so I must source it from somewhere else. Hopefully that won’t be too hard!

Slowly I think we are getting all the important stuff though and many have been really good thrifty purchases, which is a good thing in light of how much one has to buy for such a teensy wee being!  I have started looking at baby clothes this week also (who could resist!?)  but mostly only white stuff as it has to be gender neutral afterall.

Most websites on pregnancy, say baby is now the size of a cantaloupe this week so that’s the fruit I am sticking with for our ‘size visual’. Health wise I am still feeling groovy. The textbook symptoms are heartburn/indigestion and I have felt that a couple of times but nothing too bad  and no surprise leg cramps during the night either – phew! Prenatal yoga is going well I really hope to stick with it after the birth as I love the place (Yoga Tree SF) and the teachers are really amazing. Many are trained doulas so they really know how to get you stretching and breathing in ways that will help with labour and birth come the time. I hope that I can remember it once the sheer agony kicks in *smile*

This week also,  I nearly bought myself and pregnancy pillow to help with sleeping on my side all the time now, and spent a few hours one evening online researching them like mighty, I read  positive review after  positive review etc, but I just could not justify spending nearly $60 on a pillow, so I dug out one of our spares and that seems to be doing the trick for the hip discomfort and bump support.

All in all it’s been a quiet week.  I printed off all my bump shots thus far to send to my Mum so she could  see how I am progressing which she loved. It’s very emotional for both of us, as I probably won’t be home during my pregnancy and she won’t actually get to see me pregnant which is very strange to think but I try not to dwell on it too much or I’ll be sad.  I just look forward to being able to go home with baby and showing him/her off to all our family and friends  ^_^  AND I try not to think about the flying part for that one (!)

Bump Update!

Bump && Chuck !