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A Danbo Paddy’s day


'If you are lucky enough to be Irish, You are lucky enough'You're my cup of teaSt.Patrick got the snakes out of Ireland....Danbo gets the clover out of the garden!

A Danbo Paddy’s day, a set on Flickr.

Celebrating the day of green through Danbo! ‘If you are lucky enough to be Irish, You are lucky enough’

Lá Fhéile Pádraig shona daoibh! Happy Paddys Day everyone!

Via Flickr:
Proud to be Irish!


My Danbos & I!! ダンボー


I n s p i r a t i o nSeriously! They only had to ask (!)'Tea for two and two for tea, Me for you and you for me!'Peace  (Danbo) Love & Converse'Love is the flower you have got to let grow'& away we go..
From where I standStow Lake Boathouse edition

My Danbos & I !!, a set on Flickr.

A new set in progress with some new and older images of my Danbos, but this time with yours truly in the picture too.
I want to build on these ideas, of the interaction between humanoid and little cardboard robots and the ‘life’ that can be created through such images.

Via Flickr:

A collection of us together

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Danbo Love


Danbo in a ‘love’ shower of hearts.

I shot this when my best friend in Italy got married last September and I couldn’t go as I live in California
.I used real confetti and Danbo is holding a ‘real’ umbrella. Then then using one hand to work the camera I threw confetti with the other!
It took many attempts. The perfectionist in me is always striving to be better . So I kept throwing, picking it all up and shooting over and over.
I nearly wasn’t happy with any of shots and then as it turned out once I looked at them on my laptop this was one of the first three shots and the best one.

I want to start to archive some of my best and past Danbo photographs here on my blog along with some new one and this image is my most popular one according to Flickrs ‘Interestingness’.

*EXPLORED September16th2011 #112*

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Images may not be copied or used in any way without my written permission.

‘If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough’


30 Days of Gratitude: Day 1 ..  L o v e30 Days of Gratitude: Day 2 ... B o o k s

30 Days of Gratitude, a set on Flickr.

My latest photography project for the next thirty days is a ‘gratitude project’. Through Flickr I came across a group where for the month of November (you can do this any time really, but in the run up to thanksgiving here in the states it seems to be a popular trend) to photograph something in your life with a little written piece about what it means to you and why you are thankful; every day for those thirty days. The same way negativity is bad for you it is scientifically proven that the expression of gratitude really does make you happier and healthier. To open your heart and be thankful is a win-win, feel-good situation. We should all be more aware of the goodness in our lives and say ‘thank you’.

A Little Princess…it’s always tea-time


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My vintage teacup&saucer collection has begun. I am a keen tea brewer and drinker as anyone who knows me knows ^_^ I have been on the lookout for ages for one to kickstart ‘the collection’ and this little beauty is it, found in Goodwill for $2. A pink ‘Thomas Hughes and Sons Staffordshire – Avon Cottage China’. Aside from one teeny chip in the saucer it’s perfect. I don’t mind anyway. That’s part of it’s character now and I won’t enjoy it any less.

Am I doing this right?


Am I doing this right?

Originally uploaded by .•۫◦۪°•OhSoBoHo•۫◦۪°•

So this self- portrait is for a lovely group I have just joined recently on Flickr called ‘Bench Monday’ – and the point of this? As the rules state;
‘Stand on a bench. Make sure it’s Monday. Wear something pretty.’  Any excuse eh!
A bench or ”bench” because if you can’t find an actual bench, you improvise, which makes it more interesting and fun(ny)!
I have also just joined ’52 weeks of BAM’  &  a few other ’52 weeks’ project groups  in which you post a self portrait once weekly for 52 weeks – I can (will) manage that. (As I am in my 20s I am sure this is something I will be happy to have in the years to come)
Not sure if I could handle a 365 dealio. I don’t have enough ‘BAM’ or whatever you like to call it for that much posing.
So far I have only done my ‘shoots’  in the privacy of our garden or the playground around the corner from our house (during school hours to ensure I don’t have an audience and so I get the slides all to myself- bahahahahaa!)
I’m still a bit self conscience when it comes to self -portraiture and I have come to realise that I don’t really smile or seem that happy in pictures I have taken of myself!(!) Something to work on, but we are our own worst critics right? I’m not really a moody mare , I swear! (Well only sometimes and usually this can be appeased by a nice cuppa rosy lee)

So the jist of it really is, that these weekly ‘projects’ are hopefully going to challenge me and  help me like being in front of the camera a bit more, as well as being behind it – and by the end of it I will have a cool and creative photo set that reflects just me.