~ Week 38 ~


Week 38 Pumpkin

Our little pumpkin is now the size of a pumpkin! Week 38 has gone pretty much the same as the last. I don’t feel any difference physically, nor has baby ‘dropped’ just yet. I kind of expected it to happen this week but sometimes it doesn’t until labour begins either so I guess I will just have to wait and see.

My Oedema is a little bit more under control and bearable as long as I sleep on my left side with my feet propped up a lot.  Not the most ideal sleeping position but it means I can wear my flip flops each day which means I can go out (Unless it rains again!)

Baby continues to get bigger and stronger! I have gained quiet a good bit in the weight area these past few weeks and currently am a whopping 190lbs which probably means baby has packed on the weight a bit too (I hope – it can’t all be me !! O_O )  I continue to have a lovely waddle going on, a lot of the time but it’s to be expected now and all a good sign that D day is nigh. I see my OB weekly now too just to check babys heartbeat, my blood pressure, weigh in and measure my ever growing bump.

So he / she  is pretty much ready to be born…and we are as ready as we are going to be too!



week 38


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