~ Week 29 ~


This week has been another good one! It passed pretty quickly and painlessly again. We experienced a three day heat wave here in the SF Bay area which was a bit tough going and * drum roll!*  I now have cankles – yay (!)?  But the cooling soothing fog soon returned and I was much happier for it. Apparantly Edema (swollen ankles)  are a typical week 29 symptom..It really is amazing how right on cue various body changes just kick in during pregnancy.

Baby is definately bigger. I can feel movements so much more frequently, stronger and even a crawling sensation right under the skin…which can sound a tad creepy and Sigourney Weaver in Alien-like like but it is cool and you do get used to it pretty fast.  It is now something that I find reassuring as it means baby is okay – alive and kicking! My stomach is really feeling squashed now so smaller portions it is when it comes to food and

All the reading sources say that baby’s weight  is still on the increase and will gain approx 4 lbs between now and birth – let the stretching commence! I keep expecting stretch marks to happen each week that passes, but so far I have been lucky, although I hear they can happen the very last week  which I guess is a major bummer but I am applying my Mederma or Palmers at least once a day so I shall see how much of the miraculous claims are true and whether I will be lucky with the no-stretch mark fairy! From this week onwards also, babys skeleton hardens even more and the brain, muscles, and lungs continue to mature, the pupils of the eyes respond to light more and allows baby to focus more readily and even see dim shapes! O_O

Last weekend we got to attend a maternity fair at Fort Mason which was great for information about different breast feeding resources to prams (strollers). We were happy to see in real life a Bumbleride stroller which is a brand we are definately interested in and I ordered my maternity hospital gown from a cool company called Labor Looks http://www.laborlooks.com/  which is run by a labour nurse and midwife. The idea is to have something pretty but practical to wear for labour and birth {and those first photos, even if you look like shite from exhaution } They are fully functional in the way a hospital gown should be but with an easy snap down sleeve for breastfeeding and skin to skin contact with baby – and this is a feature I liked particularily- they close up the side with velcro so should I need to walk around I won’t be flashing my bottom at everyone!  Nice.

I picked one of the newer designs that are not on the site just yet in a turquoise and deep purple colour. Once it is shipped to me I will take photos and post them here.



This weeks bump progress!


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