~ Week 25 ~


This week hasn’t been very eventful but my pregnancy ailments of last week had eased significantly thank goodness! My round ligament pain has gone for now and I could move around normally again, although I have noticed, I can feel the weight of my bump after only short distances and this has made me move at a much slower pace than normal. Which in itself is normal I suppose! ^_^

I got my blood work results  from last weeks tests and my Glucose test came back negative – good news but my iron levels were a bit low so I have added a supplement to my daily vitamin intake. This stage of pregnancy iron can be a tricky one to maintain sufficient levels of, as your blood levels are increased and you need more iron to make more hemoglobin for all that additional blood for you and baby! Eating large amounts is now a no-no. There just isn’t room since my bump got bigger and my stomach is now squished upwards.

All my reading sources tell me that baby now knows which way is up and down when it moves and continues to gain more body fat making him/her appear less wrinkly. The reproductive organs are fully formed and if baby has hair, the colour and texture could be seen at this stage too! {I hope baby has hair!! >.< !}



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