~ Week 24 ~


Week 24 has been one of sleepiness and aches – I guess that that’s something I will need to get used to! ! I think my bump has expanded a little bit more as painting my toenails is now a pain in the arse  and not very well done either, in fact bending down in general  involves a lot of huffing and puffing,that and I am experiencing round ligament pain again…sigh! Apart from these complaints it’s been a good week I will try not to be too much of a Moaning Michael!

Baby is kicking with gusto and even hiccuping now! Robin was actually able to feel it at least twice this week too  – at last!!  Which shows how much stronger and more frequent it is. And he no longer thinks it’s just wind. I have even seen my tummy move from those stronger kicks which is actually really cool.

The fruit n’ veg references for size got a wee bit confuddled,  but I think I have them back on track now as I would like to continue to do one each week ^_^

All my reading material tells me baby is now, how he/she will look at birth but in miniature form, and from this week onwards much of my weight gain goes towards helping baby fill out.  I had my monthly OB GYN visit and the usual weigh in ( 2 lbs more since last time! woot!) and heard the heartbeat. The doppler picked it up almost instantly which is great as in those earlier weeks it takes a few minutes to detect. Goes to show just how fast baby is growing really!

This week was also Glucose Screening test time (This is for Gestational Diabetes) where they give you a sugary fruit punch drink (nasty stuff!) and exactlly one hour later draw blood. It took three attempts to find a vein but in the end managed to get a good one in my my forearm which was a first for me and actually not sore at all. I am used to blood being taken every monthly visit (usually from the wrist!)  as they keep a close eye on my thyroid levels during pregnancy just in case my thyroid meds need increasing. So far so good though! It was a day of needles as I received two vaccines while I was there. The Flu jab and one called a T-DAP {Tetanus-Diphtheria-Pertussis} and as warned my arm is pretty sore so left side sleeping is off until that’s better.

I was reassured not to worry about waking up on my back though as I’m not exactlly flat out in bed with two pillows! So hopefully when I do wake up now during the night on my back, I can stop stressing a little and actually go back to sleep! I just have my achey arm to deal with and then hopefully get some proper zeds again! zzzz

Still no sign of stretch marks as of yet,  although this it the time for them to make an appearance and also that darkish line that runs down the middle of your stomach {Linea Nigra} appears too. I think I can kind of see one appearing. Maybe being milk bottle white means it doesn’t show as much..we shall see! Anyway I am prepared, or as much as I can be and have my Mederma and Palmers creams on hand! I know nothing really stops stretch marks as it’s down to genetics in the end,  but I can try and perhaps minimise them. Here’s hoping eh!

This also seems to be a time for complete strangers taking guesses at whether I’m having a boy or a girl!  I guess the odds are rather good for all of them. As long as they don’t try and rub my tummy I’m okay with guessing and Old Wives tales. Otherwise I will have to invest in one of those ‘Hands off the Bump!’ tees.

I’m not a Wish granting Buddha you know! ^_~



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