~ Week 23 ~


Week 23  &&  baby is now the size of a large grapefruit! All the facial features are formed and he /she just needs to fatten up a bit now!

This week has been one of lots of kicks and jabs from baby! I even spotted my tummy move a few times ! ^_^  These sudden bursts of activity are mostly in the evening or night time …like  right now as  I am writing this! Nothing too disruptive at night just yet anyway! My main sleep problem right now which is robbing me of precious z zzeds, is waking up on my back! I tend to sleep in various positions and start my nights sleep on my left side (the good side) but even with the help of an extra pillow I still end up flat out. The discomfort is waking me up and making me anxious thus making it harder to get back to sleep again…sigh.

Sleeping on your back is not recommended during pregnancy because the weight of your ever increasing abdomen can put pressure on major blood vessels causing a decrease in circulation to you and your baby! Freakorama eh! It is also adding to those lower back aches that I am starting to experience a bit this week too. All normal it seems and part of the package.

But apart from these relatively minor complaints all is well! I ordered our nursery curtains and managed to do two yoga classes this week ,one of which was a post-natal class with babies which was a cool experience as I got to hold three very different babies whilst their Mummys did their pose. Two of those babies  fell asleep for me which I am taking to be a good sign.

I can understand now why our teacher has us do all those those upper arm and shoulder strengthening moves each class mind.  My arms were very achey after that one and I clearly need more upper body strength!  I hope to continue to do two prenatal yoga classes per weeek as I am most definately feeling stronger than when I first started a few weeks ago and dare I say a teensy bit more flexible/bendy too! Yoga Tree SF and most esp our teacher Jane are just wonderful! I’m not surprised why Jane is so well known and loved around the bay area.

I had to get my hair chopped a bit this week as it is in super sprout mode right now. My hair normally takes ages to grow but with all the extra nutrients buzzing around my body it is on speed-grow and I can’t keep up! Nails too but those I can manage myself.  Toenails not so much painting them is getting a bit tricky and is a huffing and puffing session and not really fun anymore. Time to start the mani/pedi treats perhaps ^_^

Still no major food  pregnancy cravings  to report, I just continue to eat the same things more or less and most of the sweet stuff are fruit or juice. My Mum did send me a package of more Lyons tea and some double decker choccie bars! Tea and chocolate from home is always good..anytime!

I wouldn’t say no to anything Mr Kipling  if I am honest but they are kind of difficult to stick in the post and arrive in one piece! Or a drink of Cidona! My favourite fizzy drink as a child  *drool*  but then these are things in general I miss from home anyway and are not just specific to pregnancy though perhaps I should be ‘milking’ this time for all it’s worth eh! ^_~                                                                                                                                                ♥


&  Bump Progress!



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