~ Week 22 ~


This week baby is a teensy bit longer and heavier than last and one major change that has come about is hair growth! Eyebrows and eyelashes are formed and hair is now sprouting on the head.  And I do like a baby with  a mop of hair! At the moment though you wouldn’t see this hair as there is no pigment so it’ looks bright white. Also the eyes are formed but the Iris still has no colour.

Baby now can hear my voice, my heart beating and even my tummy rumbling! Thus begins his/her music education starting with The Beatles of course and a bit of ELO .  We decided not to get the Belly Buds or a Lullaband but I have got my little ipod dock up and running again so I can bring my tunes around the house with me and also have it in the hospital for labour, perhaps even make a special playlist!

I can now feel babys movements even stronger than last week, especially when I lie down at night and more and more during yoga. Apparantly they do a lot of stretching, kicking and rolling around in there, and now that he/she has a full set of neurons baby can process everything around them too. Touch is the ‘big one’ this week and although there isn’t much to grab onto in there they can wiggle those teeny fingers, suck their thumb and sometimes even grab onto the umbilical cord  (eek!)

Physically I am still feeling good. A little bit more tired than usual this week and I did get a migraine but seeing as I haven’t had one in weeks I can’t complain! I now sleep with an extra pillow alongside me to help keep the auld hips aligned but I keep waking up on my back – which apparantly is risky for the baby so I may need another pillow to keep me from rolling one side to the other! Oh so many things you don’t know about until you’re preggers!

But one thing I DO know is that we will not be getting a pregnancy portrait done like anything here (!) O_o


Good job I’m handy with the tripod and self timer eh!


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