~ Week 17 ~


Week 17 and not much has changed since last week  physically.  The migraines have more or less eased (for now!) but round ligament pain and backaches which tend to strike in the evening are bearable, but annoying at the best of times.   No one tells you all this about pregnancy! So many body changes, pains,twinges,and not to mention the emotional changes too. I have to avoid anything too sad (anything to do with animals is my trigger) or I end up sobbing until the I run out of tears!

Still not sure I am feeling baby movements yet. I am impatient to feel it! It’s exciting and I am really looking forward to  my next ultrasound and seeing baby on the screen again. I don’t think my bump is any bigger, not noticibley anyway  but all the info sites say baby is now the size of an onion and just like me is gaining more and more body fat. He/She can hear loud noises now too which is cool and makes me even more eager to get those Belly Buds! ^_^

I am impatient to start the spare room which will be the nursery.  Apparantly this is all very ‘normal’ in the second trimester as my nesting instincts have kicked in and with my new found energy I’m eager to prepare for the new arrival. I think that is all true! There really is so much to get for such  a wee person! And I would like to have as much done while I feel great!  I have been scouring Craigslist for the odd bargain and mainly for practical items I know are must-haves in the beginning. My first purchases were successfully bought off of there this week, a Boppy pillow, like new for $15 and a Fisher Price Whale Bathtub (which got the best reviews online for babies)  also in top condition for only $10. Finding sweet deals like that makes me happy.

We also had our tour of the hospital today! It was fun to see the delivery room and learn how it all works when you arrive and where to go etc.. My main concern was where my kettle is going to go for all the tea I will need and I was so glad to know there is a little fridge in the room for the milk too *smile* priorities eh! Robin was disappointed there were no Dads-to-be pacing the corridors or screaming babies to be heard. We must have come on a quiet day!

But it really does seem like a good place, the nurses are lovely, the atmosphere was very relaxed and the views of San Francisco are rather smashing!

Not that I will be paying much attention once the time comes eh!



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