~ Week 14 ~


At week 14 all the pregnancy sites liken babys size to that of a large lemon, and at the rate I am expanding I think I agree.

I have now entered my second trimester. This week I have been experiencing aches and pains in my lower abdomen which I learned is  ’round ligament’ pain due to muscles and ligaments stretching to accomodate babys growth. I felt anxious at first not knowing what these were but I just took it easy when I felt achey or had a nice Epson Salt bath which for me is a solution to all problems *smile*

I am still needing the loo, like all the time so that side of things hasn’t eased up just yet. But then again I am drinking at least 6-7 pints of water a day! The thirst during pregnancy is seriously unquenchable it seems! My love of tea has picked up again but I am now used to functioning with less caffeine so I make tea just twice , maybe three times a day. And I don’t deny myself the odd Coca-Cola either!

The only negative thing I am still experiencing is migraines. I hope that as my second trimester progresses they ease up a bit! And a positive thing is my energy levels are increasing now so I am not needing a nap as often!

I finally started my weekly selfie bump shots too! Yay!




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