A bun in the oven : Week 12


I am now in my 12th week so we can finally share our happy news with everyone!  {I did the test in week 5}

Baby Sayers estimated due date is December 15th 2012, which will make Christmas extra special this year.

I am going to try and update my blog weekly on my pregnancy and baby’s progress. And starting from next week do self portraits of me and my bump.

Well so far so good! I am feeling good these first few weeks with only a tiny bit of nausea which struck me in the evening time and was soon rectified with a smaller main meal and a lot more grazing throughout the day. I don’t drink much caffeine normally only in the form of tea but I seem to only enjoy it in the early part of the day now and not my normal all day long ritual. So water and juice it is at the moment.

My biggest problems so far have been migraines which are really testing as I can’t take my regular meds or ibuprofen as these are a no-no in pregnancy, but as a migraine sufferer I sort of expected it with all those pesky hormones. Oh yeah and my hayfever / sinus problems are in overdrive too as high levels of oestrogen increase sinus problems so nasal congestion is another ‘norm’ during pregnancy too. Luckily I have my trusty Neti Pot, and my doc prescribed me a good nasal spray called Rhinocort that’s super safe to use too.

As expected I’ve had most of my energy sucked out of me the past few weeks and most days need a power nap just to make it through the day. The hills here in SF are really challenging me at the moment but I believe from next week onwards I should start to have more stamina again and begin to look fabulous with it, so I am looking forward to all the ‘glowing’ and ‘blooming’ compliments I have heard so much about. ^_~

By week 12 baby is now the size of a large lime or a plum. ^_^  and I have gained 3lbs since my first weigh in back in week 7!

This is probably due to my lack of morning sickness either that or I will be the size of a elephant by Winter!  *boom boom*

I heard the heartbeat for the first time last week and we also had our NT (Nuchal Translucency) Ultrasound which along with a blood test in the first tri-mester checks for signs of Downs Syndrome  as well as congenital heart defects.

Thankfully we had a positive result and baby looks healthy with all the right amount of limbs and organs.  And finally seeing our baby on the screen , moving around and seeing the tiny heart beating made it all so exciting and real. In just a few months we will be a family of three!  (well five including Lucky and Sox our furry babies)


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